Permaculture Diploma blog of three people excitedly starting out their diploma. Dano in Ipswich, Suffolk; Marina in Lawford near Manningtree, North Essex and Nigel in Burgh near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Our initial Meeting with Hannah our Tutor on 8th January 2010.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Marina's Done It

In our guild Marina, Nigel and I were a great combination.
On June 11th  Marina had her presentation and spoke with such flair and confidence about her 5 designs from the Apricot Centre were she helps run permaculture courses and 5 other designs. It was 20 years since she did her permaculture design course so we are chuffed for her.
I (Dano) did mine 8 years ago which seems a long time but it was coming together as a three in January 2010 that made us start the process of the diploma.
Nigel is also keen to get it all done within the 2 years of his permaculture design course so I may be left the last one of our guild.

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