Permaculture Diploma blog of three people excitedly starting out their diploma. Dano in Ipswich, Suffolk; Marina in Lawford near Manningtree, North Essex and Nigel in Burgh near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Our initial Meeting with Hannah our Tutor on 8th January 2010.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Guild Action Learning #2

We just had our second Guild Action Learning (see the 4 questions in a previous blog). Action learning is a weird word, It is in effect the chance to keep track of how you are doing, time to reflect and by speaking without interuprtion and actively being listened to we are learning what we have done. We meet every 5 weeks so we are looking forward to seeing how we do it in the future.

WE talked for ages and then got down to doing the Action Learning Methodology. It doesnt take long but its really a great way to learn what you have been learning.

I'm sure this whole process is going to lead somewhere crazy, we have already decided to set up a co-op.