Permaculture Club- East Anglian Guild

Permaculture Diploma blog of three people excitedly starting out their diploma. Dano in Ipswich, Suffolk; Marina in Lawford near Manningtree, North Essex and Nigel in Burgh near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Our initial Meeting with Hannah our Tutor on 8th January 2010.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 Winterval hopefully filled with writing up designs

Trying to do my designs over the next few days. The old year needs finishing off with a concerted effort in using what I have to write up as much as possible.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Transition Network Conference July 2011


Never have I met so many people into herbs that are doing their permaculture diploma, it was like I found a sisterhood. herbaculture all the way.

There is lots of media coverage of the conference, google for it 'transition network'


we are having a diploma students in the area meet up tomorrow on 13th.

All looking good.

Monday, 13 June 2011

I will start making the website fill up then. Please bear in mind that it is in progress.

I will start with the diploma criteria.


So Marina now has completed her diploma in applied permaculture design.

She presented it at the end of the second design certificate course held at the apricot centre. Today is the Monday after that and I spend the morning with keen locals wanting to start the diploma pathway.

It was really weird to have the repeat information as in January 2010 and think where am I now. It was really useful to be excited again. I will post pictures of the important bits.

On Sunday after Marina's presentation I re-looked at the business website package I have with 1and1 and thought I don't think they are very good, I understand how their templates work and feel comfortable with them. I juggled things around to optimise what I wanted and to actually reduce my bill. I now have a website with 25 pages to try and write up my diploma online.

I can't wait: its

The new changes to the diploma process seem to be that you pay a little bit more. This is because a tweak to the original process is now that when you have done your portfolio there is a 2.5 hour tutorial with your tutor. For fairness and to make it a level and therefore nationally recognised qualification there needs to be a second external tutor to verify your portfolio. I hope that makes sense. Obviously this needs paying for. Good idea, especially for those that could I'm sure then use their diploma as entry to uni or at least it gives permaculture a respectability that everyone else has to go through.

It also has the benefit of getting your diploma so when the final presentation comes you are showing it off, explaining it hopefully in a celebratory and less stressed state.

Marina's Done It

In our guild Marina, Nigel and I were a great combination.
On June 11th  Marina had her presentation and spoke with such flair and confidence about her 5 designs from the Apricot Centre were she helps run permaculture courses and 5 other designs. It was 20 years since she did her permaculture design course so we are chuffed for her.
I (Dano) did mine 8 years ago which seems a long time but it was coming together as a three in January 2010 that made us start the process of the diploma.
Nigel is also keen to get it all done within the 2 years of his permaculture design course so I may be left the last one of our guild.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Diploma Work

I do still intend to post up my designs for the permaculture diploma.

Watch this space.

Community Supported Medicine CSM

Really inspired after joining the low carbon oak tree farm CSA near Ipswich, Suffolk UK (community supported agriculture) to set up a medicine scheme. Google has a few projects to get inspired from. Hi to the folks in Lancaster PA, USA.

I think offering regular medical products sounds good.

There is also some anthroposophical medicine schemes where the doctor prescribes the medicines and treatments but all done on a regular monthly payment. I think it is better to charge people a consultation fee and then sign them up to a minimum direct debit to offer further cheaper consultations and free medicines. Do let me know what you think?