Permaculture Diploma blog of three people excitedly starting out their diploma. Dano in Ipswich, Suffolk; Marina in Lawford near Manningtree, North Essex and Nigel in Burgh near Woodbridge, Suffolk. Our initial Meeting with Hannah our Tutor on 8th January 2010.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Diploma Work

I do still intend to post up my designs for the permaculture diploma.

Watch this space.

Community Supported Medicine CSM

Really inspired after joining the low carbon oak tree farm CSA near Ipswich, Suffolk UK (community supported agriculture) to set up a medicine scheme. Google has a few projects to get inspired from. Hi to the folks in Lancaster PA, USA.

I think offering regular medical products sounds good.

There is also some anthroposophical medicine schemes where the doctor prescribes the medicines and treatments but all done on a regular monthly payment. I think it is better to charge people a consultation fee and then sign them up to a minimum direct debit to offer further cheaper consultations and free medicines. Do let me know what you think?

Permaculture Club is coming back alive

After a long pause, There are plans afoot to reignite the permaculture club, with 12 event representing the 12 permaculture principles. The aim will be to get enough people to lead one workshop each to spread the load. Also thinking of holding it in different venues. POssibly getting funding to pay for a tutor for some of these.

There is also talk of an acre of land at White House Farm, Haskeston with the Sinfield Trust.